Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Favorite Things and Paris Hilton talk

My new MFT stamps came in the mail on Saturday! Talk about fast service. I just ordered them on Monday, wow!

There was a little peek of them on my messy stamping table but I just knew y'all wanted to see them up-close and personal and I'm just nice like that ;)

Aren't they pretty???

I also got my Papertrey Ink set on Monday but I was so anxious to use it that I forgot to take a picture, sorry.

Let's talk about Paris Hilton. I probably have the most controversial opinion of this whole situation and strangely enough my husband has the same opinion so we can talk about it together over dinner and such :)

I just don't see what the big deal is. I know of people that have had 3 DUI's convictions and they aren't in jail. Is it "right"? No! Is it my problem? No!

I mean how bad is this judge's "small man's syndrome" that he had to prove a point by sending someone famous to jail just to look like a big man? What a joke. Then let her out and then give her more time in jail because some dumb a** sheriff let her out so punish her??? What???

And why does everyone in the world think it is fun to talk badly about someone that none of us has ever even met before?

I know one thing, it doesnt make me feel good to put someone down or wish badly on them whether they have broken the law or not, it's just wrong and ugly and I don't get the whole lynch mob mentality. It can only be explained by one word "jealousy".

There are much bigger things to worry about in this world.

And if you are going to say "young people look up to her and she is a bad example" then you need to start teaching your "young people" better than that because when I ask my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up she certainly doesnt say "Paris Hilton" or "Lindsey Lohan", she says a lawyer and that she wants to be herself just older, DUH!!!

And I am 33 years old and if someone said I had to go to jail, I'd cry for my mommy, too!!

Check this out and forget about Paris Hilton:

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  1. Yes, there are definitely bigger things in life than Paris Hilton's drama. And I would cry for my Mommy too. Actually, I have done that recently, but this isn't my blog so I won't get into it. :) I think she should have gone to jail but so should the other people who drink and drive as well. She shouldn't be picked on because she's famous- send all the drunk drivers to jail.

    I am not looking at your puppy mill link because I am at work and I don't want to cry!!


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