Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well, our darling daughter decided the other day that having a kitten would be so "cool" and that she wanted to name it "Pretty" cause that is just the "hottest" name ever for a kitten...
So, what the heck, right? If they had a female kitten at the animal shelter I told her we could get it and darned if they didnt have 1 cute little kitten that just so happened to be a female.

Here she is being really evil and clawing at the Zoofari images that my SCS friend Katherine (beadfreak22) sent me:

Here she is playing with the top to my Close to Cocoa marker...brave cat:

And here she is thinking about playing with the ribbon that I actually wanted her to play with:

Have a great day and if you have room in your home, stop by your local animal shelter and get a kitten or a puppy or better yet get an adult cat or dog. We started to feel really bad after we got this kitten that we didnt get an adult cat but then we didnt want to bring her back since she is family now and all but the adult animals have a much harder time being adopted and I feel a little guilty for getting a kitten but it's done now so there is no need worrying about something I can't change, right??


  1. Yes, Pretty is a VERY brave kitten- they only get braver as they get older! Watch out for your stamp supplies- you may be crawling on the floor looking for your favorite things - because that is always what they knock off the table!! :)

  2. How cute is she??? She may come up with a new technique for the demo challenges!

  3. Pretty is very cute! How is Ariel doing with her?


Have a fabulous day!