Tuesday, June 5, 2007

still thinking...

Ok, I am still thinking about this blogging thing. What will I say or show y'all that hasn't been said or shown before?

One thing I want to do is show you all the new stamping and paper crafting supplies that I buy. I am a coupon crazy shopper so when I find a coupon code, I'll share it with y'all, how's that??

I think that tomorrow I will be placing a little SU! order for some of the new Fall Winter Preview items that I just have to have. Problem is that I am on a "budget". Anyone familiar with budgets? Apparently you can't spend money or something like that! I am supposed to go all June without buying any new stampin' stuff but here's the thing...I got some "extra" money because of an accident I was in. It isn't much but I can definitely eke out a little bit of it to get my hands on some new stampin' stuff...right????


  1. ok hopefully I am your first offical comment you have on your blog! Congrats & welcome to blogland - its lots of fun, I just love doing mine. What do you put on here - well all those cards you make - doesn't matter if they also go in the SCS gallery - that's up to you but on your blog you can talk a little more about your card if you want to. I am sure people would love to see what you buy - they might need it too!!!! I post everything I make on my blog - it's fun!!! Not everything that goes there goes to SCS though it just depends - but SCS isn't missing out cause since I started blogging I have done heaps more challenges etc so they still get lots of my cards there. Main thing is HAVE FUN!!!!!!! I will put you in my google reader so I can see when you update your blog - will also add you to my blogroll if you want - just let me know

  2. Ok, I'm on a budget as well so I hear ya. I work outside the home full time but have 3 kids and live in an expensive area. I've blown my crafting budget the last 2 months on non SU stuff and still haven't met my minimum for the quarter--no worries since we have a new catty coming and I can make the whole quarter minimum plus my pending amount on an order July 15th.

    Anyway, blogging is fun and for me, serves a different purpose than my SU site and SCS. I've made different friends through blogging and you get to know them in a different way.

  3. I think you should keep it. You are very talented and funny to boot, and I think anything you share would be of value. I'll be checking on you regularly since I've thought about starting a blog eventually. I just don't think I'd have anything to share. :)


Have a fabulous day!