Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Jimmi Needs...

Since I don't stamp anymore, I was blurfing (I think that means blog surfing...I hope) and I came across one of my fav blogs Pink Tulle with Feathers and Sequins. Shannan or (steubner on SCS) is super sweet and a very talented stamper:)
A recent post on her blog was about what you get when you go to google and type in "your name + needs". So I went and typed in "Jimmi+Needs" and the following VERY random things came up:
1. Jimmi needs a father figure (I'll have to talk to dad about this one)
2.Jimmi needs some steadiness
3.Jimmi needs cough medicine
4. Jimmi, we need the help of ordinary people like you
5. Jimmi needs to keep a fire extinguisher near by
6. Jimmi is wise cracking, charming and a sharp dresser
7. Jimmi went to a very tragic gay pride in Phoenix....

I think that if I had typed in "Jimmy" instead of "Jimmi" I may have come up with some better sentences but that's not my name:)

Have a great day everyone (like there are tons of people that even know about this blog...;))

Maybe I'll go shopping today...

But before that my daughter and I did the above with her name:
1. Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colorful
2. Rachel Needs Some Good Thoughts
3. Rachel needs help when she enters Manhattan's meat-packing district to help three transvestite hookers find out who murdered one of their friends
4. rachel needs 2 get over herself and she needs 2 do it NOW
5. Rachel needs to refer to Web sites, manuals, and a variety of documentation
6. Rachel Needs Your Help
7. I dont think Rachel needs to change herself in the least, she is cute and she knows how to dress.

Ok since Rachel is 15 these are too funny and some are very true! Except #3...don't know where that came from at all!

Have a great day!

Friday, July 20, 2007

and Some Shopping!!

The name of my blog is Stampin' and Shoppin' for a reason, you know ;)
If you know anything at all about Splitcoaststampers then you know there are a bunch of crazy, shoppin' women over there! The latest craze is this site called Frugalities. There deal is that everyday they have a different discount on their site.
I have now made 2 purchases from them in the past 2 weeks, 1st time it was 49% off and the 2nd time it was 45% off! How cool is that? I got primas and Basic Grey paper for almost nothing!!
Some of this stuff is for my sister who lives at an FPO in Italy and can't get anything shpped to her there so it isnt as bad as it looks!
Here are a few pictures of my 2 orders combined:
(ps- if you are my DSS then you are getting some of this stuff so act surprised!!!)
The picture above is of everything all together. There are Primas, Basic Grey, Autumn Leaves stamps, Stickles, some page protectors, chipboard, brads and Making Memories 6x6 pads!

Cute huh??

I have no idea what I am going to do with that many Prima flowers...?!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you all have a great weekend!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Finally, I did nothing but stamp and shop for about 12 hours yesterday!!!
Remember I told you "all" (lol) about the Shoebox Swap that I was participating in, hosted by 2 SCSers sherristampsalot and pnindazz??
Well here are my rewards for all my hard work:

Everyone brought fabulous cards to make, don't ya think???
I had so much fun I could barely stand it:) We stamped and ate brownies and Reeses Pieces and Dominos pizza! I met a bunch of new people and just had the best time!

Here is my project that I brought to the swap, it is a giftcard holder:

I can't say how to make it, just yet, but I can say THANK YOU to Jenn Balcer and direct you to her FAB blog where you can learn more (soon) about this project that she created and so generously shared with me, just one of her many adoring fans...! JENN BALCER
Now onto the rest of the day cause it wasnt all about stampin' ;)...

We left the SBS and decided to hit a big stamping/scrapping store that is in Williamsburg, since we were there, right?? So we went there and got a few things. I got the Essential Glue Pad which I have no idea what I needed it for I just knew that I did. We then hit ULTA because I had to have my lipgloss and we were in the area, so to speak. Then we went to Cracker Barrel which I just love, YUM:) Then we went to a Ben Franklin store on the hunt for Stickles, didnt find any but I did find 2 new bracelets for a watch that I have that has those interchangable bracelets, KWIM? Then I had to have Cold Stone Creamery and Sherry had to pee so we had to stop, right??? Then we finally headed home.

It was a blast and I can't wait until I can get together again with my new and some old stamping friends!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Now what???

I have all these new toys to play with and absolutely no motivation to play! What in the world is wrong with me?? I have this swap that I told you "all" about yesterday that is on Saturday that I havent done a bit of planning for. And what did I do last night after I took this picture...??? I watched that new singing show called "The Singing Bee" and "Kathy Griffin, my Life on the D List".
Did I stamp? No! Did I even think about stampin?? No!
I think I seriously have a problem, hope it goes away soon!
All delivered on the 10th, 2 orders:
In the Spotlight, Vases in Vogue, Boatloads of Love, Just Like You, Block Party, Fabulous Flowers, Wing It, So Many Sayings (Hostess Set), Groovy Guava, Wild Wasabi and Purely Pomegranate Stitched Ribbon, 5-Petal Flower Punch, 1/2 inch circle punch, Light Pink Taffeta Ribbon and Round Crystal Brads in Ice.

Now if you have any great ideas for me as to how I should dive into this pile of stuff, please share!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Waitin' on Mr. Brown...

Well, what do you think?
I added some music to my blog. If you speakers aren't on, turn them on:)
I have to forewarn you that there is a song with a naughty word in it so if you hear it don't be offended, we're all adults, right?? Cause I know no kids would want to look at my blog!

Most importantly, I am waiting for my 1st order from the new SU! Fall-Winter Collection Catalog to get here. It shold be here today since I was very naughty and used the 2nd Day Air option for my's only $20 and I deserve it, right???

Anywho, when it gets here I have to get right to preparing for a Shoebox Swap in Williamsburg, VA, that I am in on Saturday with some SCSers. But first I will take a few pictures of everything for you "all" (haha) to see!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I have been tagged...

By StampOwl (Frances)! I have only been blogging for a few weeks and this is my second time...I am either loved by all my fans (roflmao) or I am fresh bloggin meat...but I am grateful anyway!!!

Here's what I have to do for this tagging game:

1) I must post 7 random things about me:

- I totally love all reality tv shows and All My Children
- I like Britney Spears music
- I let my dog kiss me on the mouth (yes, seriously)
- I love making out with my husband
- I am bossy
- I'm a shopaholic
- I have 17 pairs of flip-flops

2) Tag 7 other bloggers (I can only think of 6 right now):
- Working and Stamping
- Chaos Among Us
- Make it Scrappy
- Musings of an Addict
- Confessions of a Ribbon Addict
- Parrish Family in Italy

3) Post Rules & the bloggers I tagged here.

4) Leave tagged bloggers comments on their web sites so that they know they have been tagged

Ok, that's all for tonight. I need to get back to "Hey Paula" on Bravo!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Groovy Goodness

OMG! I love, love, love the new In Color, Groovy Guava!! I also think that I love the new stamp set, Pick a Petal! I wasnt too sure about it when I ordered it but since I love flowers I figured I had to have it, right? I also heard a little bit of chatter on SCS about how hard it is to stamp, etc. but I found it to be pretty easy to work with (granted I have only picked it up one time...)!

On this card I used All In a Row to make the background since I dont have any ribbon or other accessories to match the Groovy Guava, I had to be creative;)
Here is my 1st creation with Pick a Petal:

My next subject of discussion is the new Stampin' Up catalog, which can be found here:

My first reaction is "Holy Cow, I need another full-time job to pay for all this stuff I want", after I managed to control myself, I placed my 1st little order and I am now just waiting with bated breath for it to come to mama...

Of course I'll let y'all know when it gets here...