Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rockin' Mirror

I did something that I am proud of!
I found this cute scalloped edge mirror at Michael's a week or so ago and just knew that for $1.00, yes I said $1.00, I needed it! It is good sized, about 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide and it was white, made by Provo.

My daughter loves pink and black and loves mirrors...if I were a size 2 I'd love them too but that's another story for another day...back to the brilliant moment I had...

I thought that I would cover it and fancy it up for her. At first I figured I would just stamp in it cause that's what I know how to do, stamp. I can barely even cover a tiny piece of chipboard with cardstock so I figured I could never cover this mirror with all its edges and corners and stuff, right??
But then I figured for $1.00 what would it hurt if I messed it up, and it would be good practice!
I went to Michaels in search of the perfect cardstock for my daughter to cover her mirror and found this AWESOME Mat Stack by DCWV called "Rock Queen", if that wasnt perfect nothing was, so I got it and this is what I did with it tonight:

I actually covered the mirror and did a darn good job doing it, too! I just glued the cardstock on randomly and cut around the edges and then sanded it and sponged black ink on all the edges and then sealed it wit the most fab Modge Podge ever "Sparkle" Mod Podge. You cant tell but it is pretty sparkly and my daughter loves it, she was in awe of me, isnt that a fun feeling???

I added the embellishments to match it, the top one says "Celebrity" and the bottom little one is a skull that matches the cardstock perfectly!

I feel so brave and proud of myself. Sorry if this seems crazy but I was very intimidated by this little project and now I feel like I can just do anything...scrapbooking here I come!!!

Have a good one;)

Monday, August 13, 2007

You like me, you really like me!!!

Well, as long as I am giving away something...
I went to this random number generator here:

and plugged in the numbers 1 thru 30 (there were a few multi posts but I only counted 1 to be fair) and the winning number is............
Michelle or eliotstamps as she is known on SCS is the lucky winner!

You will be recieving 1 yard of each of my new ribbon colors and my whole share of sueded 5/8 inch ribbon from one of Jody's previous shares (suede ribbon info)! Girl, you are going to be rolling in the ribbon, just be sure to keep it away from Eliot!!!

I just need your address to send it to you!

Thank you everyone for checking out my humble little blog and please come back to see what I am working on!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Can you say Ribbon??? and Candy????

This is what happens when you are a fan of Jody Morrow's blog, Confessions of a Ribbon Addict...

Crazy, huh??? I don't even know which ribbon shares this ribbon is from of Jody's but it sure did put a HUGE smile on my face when I opened the box ;)

I haven't been stamping much lately but this ribbon may just do the trick because I really want to dive into it!

One BIG problem...I have no idea where to store all of this ribbon. I already have 3 drawers and 2 of the SU! Ribbon Keepers full of ribbon!

So what do you suggest? I will pick one of the suggestions and send that person a nice little bit of blog candy, what do you think?? And I promise it will be good because I have bunch of gifts that I have bought over time for giving to my stamping/scrapping friends that are just dying to have a new home!

So, drop me a line about your ribbon storage and see what happens...

PS - I will pick someone on Monday, August 13th!!