Friday, October 26, 2007


Right???? I love and hate Friday's. Love them of course because they are the last day of the work week. Hate them because they seem to go on forever and ever and ever...waiting for the weekend can make Friday feel like that!

I am glad that I was tagged by Jen over at Chaos Among Us since I had nothing interesting to say here;)
I have to link to the blogger that tagged me, done.
List 7 random things about myself (and right now I cant think of 1)
Tag 7 more bloggers. Don't worry, I don't really "know" 7 other bloggers so i'll just tag a couple.
  • At my job I basically do nothing. I am officially a "Legal Secretary" but I spend 6 hours of the 7.5 hours I "work", cruising the internet and reading magazines and my bosses don't care!
  • I have lived in FL, VA, CA, CT and HI all in my 1st 14 years! I have lived in VA now for 13 years and it is the longes I have ever lived anywhere.
  • I could have gone to college on a full scholarship for basketball.
  • My hair is almost totally grey, though no one will ever see that!!
  • I am a total tv junkie. I love reality shows, most of them, except the Survivor type shows as I dont care for being dirty and in the jungle or traipsing all over the country getting dirty and such...but I love All My Children, Grey's, Americas Next Top Model, Boston Legal, CSI (all of them), Law and Order, The Bachelor, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Maury, ET, Dr. 90210, Sunset Tan, The Girls Next Door, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters...I could go on and on and yes my TIVO is my prized possesion!
  • I have 2 sisters and we are all 100% different...can you say "milkman"
  • My dog, Tara, is my best friend.

I have to apologize for that being so boring, if you made it through reading it without falling asleep, that is...but I cant share the juicy stuff with y'all just yet, you'd never come back!!

Now I will tag my BFF Sherry since she hasnt blogged in over 2 months!!!

And I will tag my Fabulous Friend Kim just because I can;)

Monday, October 22, 2007

What a weekend!!!

I am home from my exciting stamping adventure all over the East Coast! Well not really but it feels like it;)

I drove to see Kimme (MelenaPrincess) in MD, stayed the night to recharge and then we drove up to PA to meet up with Kim (nutsymuhl) for the Mini-VSN night, which was Friday night and if you missed it, that's ok cause you have plenty of time to play just click here: Mini-VSN

So, Friday night we stamped at the hotel Kimme and I stayed in which was really, really nice, (great recommendation Kim), and went to this fabulous grocery store Wegmans (?) to get dinner. They have this delicious, fancy buffet type thing with Chinese food, subs, pizza, even prime rib, crab cakes and fish n chips! I had the fish n chips, Kim had the crabcake dinner and Kimme had the Chinese food and it was all delicious!

On Saturday morning Kimme and I went to Kim's so we could all go shopping and out to lunch. We were on a mission for Copic markers since Kim let us try them out on Friday night and now we just had to have them (yes, it is all Kim's fault, honey...). We went to Dick Blick and got our Copics!!!! I erally only meant to get about 10 or so, so I have no idea how I ended up with 24 of them...?? It was so exciting, I've never been that excited to spend that much money...

Then we went to the mall and ate lunch and Ruby Tuesdays, shopped a little, went to AC Moore got some more stamping goodies, like the new Queen and Co. felt flowers and some pretty paper, etc...

Then came the sad part where we had to leave Kim and head back to reality : (

I stayed at Kimme's Sat. night and headed home on Sunday morning. I had such a fun time and would definitely do it again in a minute and I cant wait until I see the Kim's again!

The best part of the whole trip is that we all felt like we were old friends! We have been chatting with each other for so long that we just got along like we'd known each other forever! I highly suggest that if you have the chance to get together and stamp with someone you met on SCS you do it! It was so much fun!!

and here we are (Kimme, Me and Kim):

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm so excited...

...and I just can't hide it (come on, you know you were thinking of the same line)!

I am getting ready to go on a fun and exciting stamping adventure. I am going to meet 2 friends that I met on SCS during a VSN when we were all hostesses together.

Who would ever think that you could form wonderful, lasting friendships on a website?? I sure never thought that was possible. I am so grateful for the day that I found SCS. I have made so many friendships there that I never would have had a chance to make if it werent for SCS. I wouldnt have made friends with the Fab Five (well Four not counting me) if it werent for Virtual Stamp Night on VSN. The "Fab Five" (as we like to call ourselves) is 5 of us (StampOwl, beadfreak22, nutsymuhl, MelenaPrincess and me) that hosted a previous VSN and became fast friends and have been chatting away ever since. We talk about our lives, our troubles our wishes and stamping, too, of course. These 4 women are so kind and caring, hilarious and naughty (at times), mischevious, witty, honest and just wonderful. I feel so fortunate to have them in my life and now I get to go and meet 2 of them in real life and hang out and snack and stamp and shop!! I know, you are just green with envy.

First I will be driving to Maryland to meet up with Kimme (MelenaPrincess) and stay the night at her house, then we are driving a couple hours up to Pennsylvania to meet up with Kim (nutsymuhl) and stay the night in PA.

The main reason we are all getting together is for the 1st VSN Pre-Challenge which is Friday night!! We are going to stamp the night away together!!! What could be better than stamping with crazy stamping women???? And I say "crazy" with a ton of love ;) We are going to take over the business center at the hotel Kimme and I are staying at and spread all of our "work" out and stamp and snack all night long! I already warned the hotel and they are ok with it...THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY AGREED TO!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

So, with that in mind, I would love to hear all about your fun stamping adventures, so tell me please!! And when I get home I will fill you in on everything!

Now, I have to figure out a way to pack all the stamping supplies I need... :)

Edited to add:
I totally randomly stumbled upon the gorgeous, new, gallery, on SCS, of PickleTree! You have to check it out. Here is a link to her super fabulous blog where you can get more info on her cute creations:

See, you never know where you might "meet" a new friend;)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Drumroll please...............

(Is "drumroll" one word or two??)
Anyway, I have a winner of my WCMD blog candy giveaway! I just asked a friend to pick a number and the number chosen was #12, Angel Wilde.

Angel Wilde said...
"I am seriously going to find a way to stamp today to celebrate WCMD!!!!"

Angel has a really, really nice blog that you should check out when you get a chance (click on her name above)!

Thank you everyone for the comments and for visiting my blog.

I think I have decided that blog candy will be a monthly feature here on my blog. It is called "Stamping and Shoppin" right? So, I need to shop right?? And blog candy is super fun to shop for so that's what i'll do!

Come back now, ya hear??

Friday, October 5, 2007

WCMD Candy

I just love to give stuff away. I do it all the time and it makes me soooooooooo happy to give people things that they will love and that will make them happy. I think my favorite part of blogging is the candy and I have only done it one other time...I'll have to step it up a notch and do it more often, don't ya think??

So, here is the picture of what will be given to someone, chosen randomly, that leaves a comment in yesterday's or today's post about World Card Making Day:

It is a pack of the Halloween Martha Stewart paper, 4 Michaels $1 Halloween stamps, Martha Stewart Halloween Ribbon and some cute 3-D $1 stickers from Michaels.

Pretty good for candy?? I hope so:) I will have this out to you in a jiff too just in time for Halloween card-making and scrapbooking, promise!!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back soon!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

**World Card Making Day**

Saturday, October 6th is World Card Making Day and to celebrate I am going to give away some fabulous blog candy this weekend.

I will be spending the day having a yard sale to sell some retired stamp sets and supplies (see the link to the right for sets for sale) and then I will be stopping by a friends Open House to make some Halloween projects and then I will most likely do some stamping on my own that evening.

So what are you doing on World Card Making Day??? Your answer may just win you some fabulous prizes! Check back on Saturday to see what the prizes are!