Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm so excited...

...and I just can't hide it (come on, you know you were thinking of the same line)!

I am getting ready to go on a fun and exciting stamping adventure. I am going to meet 2 friends that I met on SCS during a VSN when we were all hostesses together.

Who would ever think that you could form wonderful, lasting friendships on a website?? I sure never thought that was possible. I am so grateful for the day that I found SCS. I have made so many friendships there that I never would have had a chance to make if it werent for SCS. I wouldnt have made friends with the Fab Five (well Four not counting me) if it werent for Virtual Stamp Night on VSN. The "Fab Five" (as we like to call ourselves) is 5 of us (StampOwl, beadfreak22, nutsymuhl, MelenaPrincess and me) that hosted a previous VSN and became fast friends and have been chatting away ever since. We talk about our lives, our troubles our wishes and stamping, too, of course. These 4 women are so kind and caring, hilarious and naughty (at times), mischevious, witty, honest and just wonderful. I feel so fortunate to have them in my life and now I get to go and meet 2 of them in real life and hang out and snack and stamp and shop!! I know, you are just green with envy.

First I will be driving to Maryland to meet up with Kimme (MelenaPrincess) and stay the night at her house, then we are driving a couple hours up to Pennsylvania to meet up with Kim (nutsymuhl) and stay the night in PA.

The main reason we are all getting together is for the 1st VSN Pre-Challenge which is Friday night!! We are going to stamp the night away together!!! What could be better than stamping with crazy stamping women???? And I say "crazy" with a ton of love ;) We are going to take over the business center at the hotel Kimme and I are staying at and spread all of our "work" out and stamp and snack all night long! I already warned the hotel and they are ok with it...THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY AGREED TO!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

So, with that in mind, I would love to hear all about your fun stamping adventures, so tell me please!! And when I get home I will fill you in on everything!

Now, I have to figure out a way to pack all the stamping supplies I need... :)

Edited to add:
I totally randomly stumbled upon the gorgeous, new, gallery, on SCS, of PickleTree! You have to check it out. Here is a link to her super fabulous blog where you can get more info on her cute creations: http://pickledpaperdesigns.blogspot.com/

See, you never know where you might "meet" a new friend;)


  1. I can't wait either (even if I'll be laptop-less :() I get to meet 2 out of the 4 bestest people in the whole wide world!

  2. OMG-- have a blast! Just no throwing TV's into the hotel pool- everything else is fair game!

  3. I can't wait to hear all about your wild and crazy adventures at the hotel! I wish I could be there, too! Promise to take lots of pics, okay?


Have a fabulous day!