Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Almost Done and a Personal Story, too

Almost done with my Christmas cards! And I am not going to try not to post anymore here after today as to not bore the masses...

This is one that I made last night using this cute snowman that I bought to use for Christmas cards this year but it turns out he is a little too "artsy" for me or something...I am more into the cute snowmen, so I didn't use him much afterall.

This is the kind of snowman that I am more comfortable with. No coloring necessary, just my type!

I made 3 of both of those snowman cards and that should just about finish up my Christmas card making for 2007! Now I have to get started on making gifts for the girls in my office. I love giving people just a little something at Christmastime. I am thinking about making some nugget boxes since I just got my order from Clear Dollar Stamps and have their new set to use to make cute nugget wrappers with!

About the Clear Dollar Stamps: I am SO impressed with the quality of these stamps and their customer service! I used a few of the little stamps last night with SU! Classic Ink and the ink stuck to the acrylic perfectly ~ just as well as it sticks to SU! rubber stamps!

I am not an acrylic aficianodo or anything so this is just my novice experience and opinion but I thought i'd share, and their prices are OUTSTANDING!
When I make my wrapped nuggets this weekend, i'll post some pics of these new stamps!

This little 3 x 3 card is for a challenge that I do with my Sassy Friends on SCS. We have a challenge every Wednesday and this week we were to make a 3 x 3 card. Luckily I was trying to make some fancy schmancy folded card and messed it up beyond I was able to cut that messed up card and make it into a 3 x 3 card for our challenge!

And finally I wanted to share something non-stamp related with y'all!

I don't really want or need anything for Christmas this year and let me tell you why...

The love of my life is a dog named Tara (it's ok, my husband and daughter know already!). Recently we had a scare with her. She had a tumor growing on her bottom eyelid and we were scared to death about it! The vet told us he could take it off or we could send her to a Veterinarian Opthamologist to have it done, and that the specialist would cost 3 times as much as him doing it but that the spot was s sensitive area since it is her bottom eyelid and the skin is "touchy" there, etc... Even though money is no object when it comes to our "Bear Bear", I asked our vet to honestly tell me if he could do a good job and if he would do this surgery on his own family member and he said "yes" he could do it and would do the best job he could do!

He did the surgery on the 29th of November and it looked great! She had 3 little stitches and the tumor was gone. Now the hard part was beginning because we had to wait to see if it was cancer or not and then see what we would do if it was. They said it would take 2 weeks to find out but it was only about 9 days and the vet called to tell us that the tumor was benign and she would be fine!

I just listened to the message on the answering machine and cried my eyes out and made Tara listen to it too! I left it on the machine and told my husband that he had an important message so when he got home he listened to it and it looked like he was going to cry too...but we'll say he didn't ;).

Last night I had to take her to get the stitches out and her eye looks amazing. Even the vet said he had to toot his won horn over doing such a beautiful job on her surgery!

So, that is about the best Christmas present that I could ever ask for, don't ya think??

Needless to say I am just so happy and relieved and spent most of last night laying on the couch with my head on her side kissing and hugging her!! She is so sweet and loving and laid back, she's just my best friend ever and she knows it too! She's spoiled rotten and the love of my whole famiy's life! Even my grandma and family from all over calls to see how their "sweet Tara" is doing...she's just a joy!


  1. Your cards are wonderful...but they're no comparison to that adorable Tara! I'm so glad everything is ok with her, and you'll have her for many more Christmases to come.

  2. Oh Jimmi, I am so happy to hear that all's well with Tara. She seems like such a sweet child ( Hugs to you all. Merry Christmas!

  3. hi jimmi,
    wonderful x-mas cards. still working on mine . hopefully will be done tonight and be ready for mailing tomorrow.

  4. Yay for your vet and for Tara! I'm glad she's fine and everything went well. It's good to know your family understands who the Top Dog is too!

    (oh ya, i like the 2nd snowman card best too!)

  5. Sounds like you are a girl after my own heart (simple snowmen coloring required!)

    Glad you liked the Clear Dollar Stamps. I'm on their Idea Team (I help come up with ideas and sayings that are then made into the stamps you can order). She is a wonderful lady to work with.


  6. What a sweet puppy dog. I'm so glad she's ok. Give her puppy hugs from me!!!


Have a fabulous day!