Monday, December 3, 2007


Yes, I practiced a lot of avoidance this weekend...avoided cleaning (daughter did that), avoided laundry (thank God I had new clothes to wear today;)) and most detrimental I avoided making a single Christmas card this weekend and I need to make between 60 and 70 of them!!
I do not know what is wrong with me. Last year I was making my Christmas cards all the month of Novemeber and I was mailing them by this time! I just havent felt like doing any stamping...I have new Christmas stamps and paper and ribbon to use, just no gumption...

Oh well, hopefully it will hit me soon or else!

I did stamp this weekend though I have no pictures to prove it. I went to a BIG Shoebox Swap at my friend Norma's house. My project was an oragami box but I don't have a picture of it since I left my sample there for our hostess to keep. There were about 18 of us there and we stamped from 9:00 am until whenever we were finished. I was done around 3:00 and then went home to start on my Christmas decorating at home!

I put the tree up on Friday night and then took Saturday afternoon/evening putting the decorations on it. My family will tell you that I am a little wacky about the Christmas tree...I don't know what they are talking about I just like every ornament to be in the exact perfect spot, no big deal! So after hours and hours of putting an ornament on and moving it to a "better" spot it was finally finished...OH! we added colored lights to the tree too! It was just a crazy suggestion by my husband and I actually went with his suggestion and put some on the tree and I am pretty happy with that decision.
Back to my wacky obsession with the Christmas tree evil family will sometimes move several ornaments around just to see how long it takes me to notice, cause I will notice and they will be in big trouble!! Especially if I can't remember exactly where it was the 1st time!
And now we have a kitten and she was already trying to pull of the sparkly spiraly thingys that I put on the tree, she was making me so upset this morning that she made me cry and I am not a crier!
Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the tree, one with the lights on and one off. It would have been prettier if i'd taken the pics at night but it was too late last night when I got it all finished so I took them this morning.

Below is a picture of the outside of the house.
There is a deer on the far right of the yard that isnt in the picture. He doesnt like his picture taken because unfortunately we live around people that hunt and he gets a little nervous every year when he has to come out of the attic....don't worry we have a "NO HUNTING" sign near him so he should be ok:)

The little lights on the ground behind the snowman and penguin are these super cute big light bulbs that are colored and are lining the flower bed (here is an example of them, in case you want to see them close up cause they are really cute. I got mine at Michael's and they have 5 on them versus 4 as in this example: BIG BULB LIGHTS ). My husband was leary of them but they are really, really cute! Oh and the icicle lights twinkle...another new thing for us this year. We are usually plain old white light people...but this year we added a little more BLING!
Anyone have any tips for me to get on the ball with these Christmas cards??? Or maybe it is just too late for me to even start, whaddya think??


  1. It's never too late to start. Print your labels first and then make 5 cards a night complete with inside greeting and signature until your list is done. I like to save my family until last...I can always hand deliver those cards on Christmas day if I need to, but I send out others first.

  2. Go buy some at Target! Gasp! I know, its not stamping, but don't stress over the cards, just get done what you can.

  3. ooooh....make cards! Just make them simple! Do you have Merry & Bright...they make cute, simple, fast cards! :)
    Sherri aka sherristampsalot

  4. Your Christmas tree and outdoor decorations look very festive, Jimmi. I'd say don't stress about the cards. If it becomes a drag on your life, it's not worth it. Your friends will love you even if you send them a card from Target. You can send people handmade cards on their birthdays.

  5. Your tree looks beautiful! I always wondered how pets reacted to trees!
    I don't think it's too late to get started on holiday cards. It's never too late. People will appreciate it! You are making me nervous now too -- I haven't started!! But I will not buy cards -- bought new Christmas sets already!! :)

  6. don't say it's too late- i haven't started mine either... it'll lead me to despair, then i'll give up!

    how about we challenge each other to have our cards done by the 12th and mailed by the 15th. If either of us fail, we can publicly ridicule each other on our blogs! tee hee!


Have a fabulous day!