Monday, December 31, 2007

Yay ~ Not a Christmas Card!!

Is anyone else as excited as I am to be done stamping because you "have" to?? That is what I finally did on Saturday morning.

I have told myself that I have to start using the stamps and supplies that I already have that are collecting dust or else I am just going to have to sell them all or give them all away! It is pretty bad in my stamping room...I have so many things that I had to have and needed at the moment that have never been used, it should be against the law, really! I have become quite the collector or stamping supplies!! I just love to shop and I love to stamp so that's what happens when you put the 2 together...

On this card I used the stamp set Boatloads of Love from Stampin' Up and some new paper that I bought months ago at Michaels by Me & My Big Ideas. Aren't you proud of me? I used 2 neglected items at 1 time:)

I made this card to give to my husband. I used to make him cards all the time but kind of got off track with that here lately so he was pretty excited to get a card he could keep and that actually had something written inside of it, lol. Everytime I give him a card to look at he opens it up fully expecting to see something written or stamped on the inside and there never is!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont stamp anything inside until I am ready to give the card to someone cause I never know who it's going to, KWIM?? Do all men do this?? Or is he wierd?? (he's wierd, I know, but he's so darn cute, hehe).

Tomorrow I am going to post my latest Blog Candy Giveaway!! I already know what it is, I just need to take a picture for you and I will do that tonight, I promise!! Speaking of give blog giveaways, I would love to have a snazzy name to call my blog giveaway. Does anyone have a good idea for me?? There would be incentive for the winner so think of something good, ok????? Pretty Please!!!!

In other news, it's New Years Eve and I forgot to make reservations at one of our favorite I called and of course the only reservation they had was at 4:15 so it looks like i'll be cooking on New Years Eve :horror:

What will y'all be doing for New Years Eve?? I wanna know all about it:)


  1. Love this card! And I love the colours - great combo!

  2. Cute card and great for a man!! I love the circle background, too!

  3. I really like the card - the colors caught my eye right away.

  4. This is just adorable Jimmi~ love the colors!!

  5. your card is great and my hubby is the same way. He always opens it and then looks at me puzzled, lol. I'm also a collector of supplies that iften don't get used, but I'm getting better since DH has been out of work. NO money for new toys equals use what you have. I was thrilled to get new stuff for Christmas though. Love your blog!

  6. WOOHOO for no pressure stamping! Hehehe! I so relate :) My big new years plans are eating mexican and vegging out doing a Harry Potter marathon -- should be fun :)

  7. I love love love it! So cute. I was also SO happy to be done with Christmas cards. Nice to move on to other things. Trying to get a head start on Valentines so I don't feel the pressure in February.

  8. Great card. We were late with our dinner reservations too. Our choices were 4pm or 9:30pm. We took the 930 time and napped before we went out!


  9. Happy New Year, Jimmi. Love love love the card!

  10. This is an absolutely adorable card! How neat!!


Have a fabulous day!