Monday, February 25, 2008

Tagged {finally!}

I was tagged by Monique at!

1. Stamping Style - I really have no idea. I like quick and easy but it doesn't always turn out that way.
2. Inspiration - Clothes, the SCS gallery, all the blogs on my Google Reader
3. Color - I love pinks and Certainly Celery is my fav. SU! color.
4. Work space - Half of the computer room, well I have taken over about 80% of it now...
5. Perfect Day - Sleeping until about 10:00 (I do that every weekend anyway), then going shopping, then stamping and then out to dinner.
6. First Job - I worked with my mom at a gift shop in the Mystic Seaport when I was in like 11th grade, I think that's my 1st job unless you could babysitting my little sisters all the
7. Wildest Dream - If you mean wildest dream for my life that would be winning the lottery, the HUGE one...not the $1 million one either because I could spend that on clothes, shoes and stamping stuff in a minute;) If we are talking about dreams I have at night then it would have to be all the crazy dreams I have about falling down hills and climbing up hills...I hate hills!
8. Ink - SU! and the new Papertrey Ink inks.
9. Family - Husband Mike, daughter Rachel, doggie/bff Tara and 2 cats Ariel and Pretty
10. Beverage- Sweet Tea and I am really liking Pina Colodas lately too.
11. Biggest Challenge - Self confidence and showing my *soft* side...

Ok I will be tagging two of my friends and here they are:



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  1. Thanks for the tag, Jimmi (I think...) Your job at Mystic sounded like a lot of fun.


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