Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring In The Mail Giveaway of the Week!!

The cards I have today were made using Unity Stamp Company kit called "Spring in the Mail".

I have to honestly say that these stamps stamp SO perfectly! I love them! The rubber is etched very deeply and the images come out perfect every time! There is the perfect amount of cushion, too, I really love the quality of them!

You can see my 1st samples with this set here:
This Post

You can win this AWESOME stamp set by posting here:
Unity Stamp Company Giveaway

You will love it, comment right away...hurry!!!
Today I have a new picture of that Robin's nest in my holly bush!

Yesterday morning when I went by and peeked in on them, they had hatched!! I don't know how long it takes eggs to hatch but it seemed to be pretty quick!!
I think there are 4 babies in the nest but I can't tell. They just look like one big ball of fuzziness right now:)

It was hard to get a picture of them because the momma stayed right on the nest every time I came by to peek at them! She didn't care how close I got to her she just sat there, not budging a bit!! She is such a good momma bird!

I'll take another picture when they look like *birds*!
Have a great weekend! I am going to a fun Stamp Camp at a fellow demos house tomorrow morning (it is at 9:30 am so wish me luck!! I do not get up that early on the weekend, ever) and I am really looking forward to what we are going to make and to hanging out with some of my friends! Then I may hit AC Moore with my coupon in hand...just in case they have something I *have* to have;)


  1. Oh... such cute wee furry pink things with fluff! They don't look much like birds yet - but still cute! Can't wait to see a photo of them when they look more like birds!

  2. Aww, such cute little fuzz balls. Your card is wonderful, too!

  3. Really sweet. I had seen the blog entry today on Unity and liked the set, but now I really like the set!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Denise G.

  4. awwww, look at those sweet little fuzz-balls!

    LOVE the cards! Just gorgeous what you have done with this set! smiles...

  5. Love that first card especially with the colorful flower box.

  6. oh, what pretty cards you have been making!

  7. Awww, so sweet! (I mean tweet!)

  8. I love the cards you made with the stamp set!! So cute! I also love it that you're watching a robin's nest. I love seeing the updated pics!

  9. Jimmi, What adorable cards! I am loving that stamp set...very cute images!
    Also, thanks SO much for the cute birthday card! :)

  10. Nice stamp set. Thanks for your generosity. I love your blog.


Have a fabulous day!