Saturday, May 17, 2008

1st Beach Day!!!

What did you do today?

(I have a "tattoe", it's not dirt, lol)

We went to the beach for the 1st time this year:) I was so excited! It was about 81 degrees and about 0% humidity, perfect for the beach! There were a lot of people there surprisingly, but we managed to find a seculed spot to put our stuff and let Tara run in the water.

Here are Tara's feet on the beach, too:
The best part was that I set my ipod to play all my Kenny Chesney songs, put the buds in my ears, blasted the volume so I couldn't hear a thing and closed my eyes and drifted to the islands....
I hope your weekend is as relaxing as mine is turning out to be.
Maybe i'll go and buy myself something to make it just perfect;)


  1. ok i'm soooo jealous!!!! i want to be on the BEACH !!!! i'm not even close to a 'real' beach... luckily we have 10,000+ lakes to choose from.. and some have decent 'beaches'. ;)

  2. i am a new great swaps girl! i wanted to stop by to visit your blog...and i love it!

    i can't wait to visit often, and i'm excited about swapping with you in the future!

  3. LOVE the photo of your dog's feet on the beach!! That made me laugh. Glasgow has been quite sunny for the last few days (albeit not 81 degrees) - must be global warming. I was in Rome last weekend for four days and it poured with rain most of the time!

    I don't think Kenny Chesney is very well known in the UK... I had a look on iTunes to see whether I'd heard of any of his songs (nope), but the song called "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" had me in stitches! That's what you call a name for a song!


Have a fabulous day!