Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bridal Shower Gift

Wanna know something great about being a stamper?

Chances are when you need a gift for someone and have no money to buy one you have something in your handy dandy craft closet that will work just fine;)

I have 2 of these sets of coasters that I thought i'd use on a rainy day and you know what?? It's actually raining right now so I think this worked out fine.
I made this gift for a co-worker of mine. She is getting married on the 23rd (here are her wedding invites I made) and she loves red so I think they'll do.

We are going out to eat tonight at Smithfield Station and I am so excited!! My boss is the coolest boss ever. Here's the deal, we asked him if we could have a shower for her in the Board Room after work one day and he said "Why don't y'all go out somewhere nice with my credit card?"...Ummmm...ok!! This should be a fun night:)

I used my all time favorite stamp, Roses in Winter, to make these coasters and a verse I thought was appropriate for newleyweds. Great thing is that if she gets tired of them I can stamp something else for her to put in them!

Tomorrow is Unity Hip Hop Day here on my blog and all the Design Team members blogs so watch out!!


  1. This set is beautiful, Jimmi! Don't you love how handy that craft closet and 'to be altered someday' stuff is? I'm sure your friend is going to {love} it!

    And yes, your boss really is the coolest! That's awesome :) Have a great time!!

    see you tomorrow for some Hip Hop!!
    ~Michelle :)

  2. Beautiful! I love being able to have a great gift at a moments notice! Have a great time at dinner!

  3. Nice job!!! These are soooo pretty!!

  4. These are so pretty! Where did you find the coasters?!


Have a fabulous day!