Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday ~ Total SUCCESS!

First of all...we are normally 3 hot chicks...but it was 3:45am and FREEZING! So, excuse the crazy strained faces...though Sherry is looking pretty darn good...

So, today is my favorite day of the year and here is how it went:

We left my house at 3:15am and headed to the Mall to go to JcPenney. Got to JcPenney and there were tons of people lined up outside, I love that part, so exciting. But we waited in the car to look over our lists and the ads and get ready until it was closer to 4am because we didnt want to carry our jackets, though I did anyway and was mad but oh well, you live and learn;)

Here we are before we went in:

At JcPenney I got some FAB deals! I got a wool/cashmere blend coat for $40 for myself and some $100 boots for $35! And some sweaters for Rachel and jeans for Mike...GREAT deals were to be found at JcPenney..that reciept says I saved "$296.27" and I only spent $140.42!

Then we went to WalMart because my sister in Italy had a long list for my nieces that Auntie had to come through with. I am proud to say that with the help of Sherry and Tiffany we got EVERYTHING on her list and there were some WILD women trying to stand in our way. While in WalMart I had a slight panic attack while I was stuck in the aisle by electronics for 20 minutes without face was all read and I felt faint and the lady next to me said "are you ok??" and I said "no, I need to get out of her NOW!" and people suddenly started moving!

Next it was to Target, they opened at 6am (lame!) so we waited in the car for them to open and went in and I got the Wii for a co-worker that asked me to get one for him, I got my Guitar Hero single guitar, some dvd's and a few toys for the nieces.

Next we ran to our FAVORITE store, New York and Company!! We all had our coupons in hand and were looking for our free watch (omg, it's so cute!)! We all got some new sweaters and pants and jewelry...of course as our reward for all of our shopping for others, right?? My receipt says I saved "$175.92" and I only spent $84.69!

Then we had to have breakfast so we went to Chic-Fil-A and relaxed and recharged!

Next we hit Shoe Carnival for some Clark's shoes for Mike that were on sale from $89.00 to $39.00 before noon and I accidentally got a pair of black pumps for only $14.98.....that's almost free!

Finally we went to Kohl's just to see what they had and I got some great deals on dress socks for me and little short socks for Rachel and the Levi's were on sale so I got some of those for Mike and some clothes for my nephew.

Here is the car after all was said and done:
(this is the back of a GMC Acadia with the 3rd row seat down...that sucker is FULL!)
I'd say that was a succesful day, wouldnt you????????????????

I love this holiday, it's the best ever!! I so cannot wait for next year!!!


  1. Jimmi, I am absolutely EXHAUSTED from just reading your post. I hope you got a nap!

  2. You did GREAT Jimmi! You know how you got all red faced and dizzy? That's how I woulda been the WHOLE time! haha! Sounds like you got some GREAT deals though... woo hoo! You GO girl!

  3. You are my stamping idol, girlie! You are so sweet to come through for your neices, boss, and everyone else on your list. Glad you scored some stuff for yourself, too.

  4. You have me cracking up. See when I go on the hunts I have to go alone, no one to back me up. You got some really great deals!!

  5. too funny Jimmi ... glad you saved sooo much today ;)

  6. Wow! You did good. You even inspired me to go out for about 2 hours today. :)

  7. FUN FUN! Next year I'm taking you up on your offer and flying cross country to go shopping. I might spend all my money on the flight, and not be able to buy anything, but WHO CARES! It's just fun to go. HA HA Thanks for sharing all the excitement.

  8. We had soooo much fun!! And you and Tiffany look adorable!!

  9. Oh, Jimmi. Ya done GOOD. The back of my mom's surburban looked like that, but it was all HER stuff, LOL! I'll shop during the week!

  10. holy cow girl- you scored way better than i did!

  11. You are a brave, brave woman! I would have had a complete panic attack in that aisle, lol! But you did GOOD! HOLEY MOLEY!

    We played the Wii for the first time (bowling) on Thanksgiving and now DH and i both want one... shoulda got up early Friday.. :D

  12. Wow that is an impressive haul! YOu got so many great christmas presents for yourself. My kind of shopping :)

  13. You did GREAT! Congratulations! (Don't you just love a bargain?)

    Did you make it to the carft warehouse you mentioned on SCS? LOL, not that you had room in the car...

    Best Wishes,


Have a fabulous day!