Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a Sad Day

Don't laugh but I have spent over an hour crying about my tivo being dead...

We have Directv and the reciever had built in tivo, with the little tivo man on the front of it...tivo has been my very favorite part of my life for like 8 years...well, pretty darn close to my favorite thing. Anyway, my bedroom reciever died so Directv sent us 2 new ones (the one in the living room is really old, too so needed to be replaced or so they said). Well these new ones are "DVR"s but not with my little tivo man on it and not with the same features and you dont use it the same way. No "season pass", no "to do list"...I am seriously distraught. I called them and said to send me the old ones and they said they don't make them anymore...?$%!?&$!?$#$
Mike came in my room and saw me crying on the bed holding my old remote control, yes I am serious, and he had an idea, so there may be hope at least for the bedroom. He said since the one in the living room isn't dead, just old, we can put that one in the bedroom and at least i'll have my tivo man in there at night. I don't know, do I just move on with the future or hang onto my tivo man...??? I don't know.
I just can't beleive it. Why change something that is 100% complete perfection??????


  1. Aww, Jimmi!!! {{{{{{{{Jimmi}}}}}}}} I hope Mike's solution works for you and you get your TIVO man back in your bedroom. :(

  2. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. If it makes you feel any better, my DS just told me that he couldn't see my grey, but my he could see my scalp....what?!??! So I am off to dye my hair and do what damage control I can...sorry, too much wine tonight, I got off-task. I am sorry about your little tivo-man... ((((hugs))))

  3. Jimmi, I am so sorry about your loss. I too have to use the DVR and it's not so bad. You can set up series recordings. I'll keep you and Tivo in my thoughts.

  4. I actually have one the old boxes and would be more than willing to send it to you. We no longer subscribe to DirecTV, but we still have the old box. Just say the word and it's all yours!

  5. Hey, Jimmi
    I know how you feel...we had Tivo too, and then later, Directv sent us the plain old DVR - so sad. It really isn't as nice as Tivo, or as easy to use. But never fear, there is a way to see the to do list. Go to the menu and select 'Manage recordings' and the to do list will pop up as the first choice on the next screen.

    I, too, mourn with you.


  6. Girl, I feel your pain...I HATE the new DVR's...they are a pain in the foot! Someone beat me to it, so I won't tell you how to find the to do list and all that, but it is all still there, they just hid it. Which is completely retarded if you ask me...but hey, I just pay the bill, what do I know??

  7. Jimmi, that stinks! I feel for you...I too love my tivo man, he is one of my favorite things... I cant imagine if he just died. I really hope Mike's solution works or maybe you get the old tivo dvr from Skye who posted above...that would be great! Good luck!

  8. don't you hate that? upgrades are NEVER better. idiots. i miss my "to do" list too- but have found it under "manage recordings". and it isn't an easy yellow button, but you have to find it thru menu choices. pain in the tookus.


  9. Jimmi - I can totally relate. I lost my Tivo Man after we moved to MN, and he was replaced with DVR. I have since gotten somewhat used to it, but it isn't 100% the same. It will take some time (and do take awhile to grieve, it's only natural), but you WILL get up and move on. There is still a season pass, it's just a matter of pushing a few more buttons to get to it. Feeling your pain,
    Kristi P in MN

  10. I totally understand. I don't deal well with change in these areas either. I "need" what I know.

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