Saturday, January 3, 2009

Which Picture??

I am trying to figure this camera out!
Which picture looks closer to *normal*??
The 1st is with the flash which is what the camera automatically set to when it focused, the 2nd is when I turned the flash off and kept the close-up/macro setting:

Personally, I think that neither looks normal?
What am I doing wrong?
Is there anybody listening??
The card is cute IRL, nice and bright and normal looking, lol. I made it for our friends son who is 10 today. We are going to his party in a little while. I didn't get a gift yet, so I guess i'll be slipping a $20 in there...10 year olds love money, right?
Hope you are having a great weekend so far!!
And I am happily accepting any and all photography adive, I have given up on the sewing machine and it's going back!


  1. CUTE card Jimmi!
    The first one looks "flashy".
    The second one looks not the right colours.

    I always take my photos by the window during the day without the flash. Have you tried that? Works best for colours and clarity. If they don't quite turn out right, I play in my photo editor.

    Can I come over and teach you some basics??? LOL!

  2. Alright, I always *try* to take my pictures during the day next to a window. After which, I almost *always* have to adjust the color in photoshop.

  3. Can you play with them in Photoshop? What kind of camera do you have again?

  4. Hmmm...I'll give this a go. Between the 2, the first one looks BETTER, but still not the best. The colors are kinda washed out.

    You might try natural light, no flash, then go into your photo editing software (do you use PSE?) and hit the Auto Adjust button in the color/brightness controls. If the photo is too blue, there's a bar called Temperature that you can pull towards red or blue, to control the undertones. But when I choose the right photo to begin with, I usually don't have to do that (cause I skip the ones that look blue). Hope this helps a little!

  5. Your card is super cute, even if the pics aren't the greatest. Maybe you need to invest in a photo box or make one? That might help with your color and light issues.

  6. You poor thing between the camera and now the sewing machine!!! I need to live closer to give you some sewing lessons, it's soooo easy once you get the hang of it!!

    Ok for the camera, I think that if you didn't have to edit your old camera photos in photoshop to have them look nice then you shouldn't have to with your new camera, maybe it's broken can you take it to the store and compare against a display model?? I would return it if it's giving you this much of a hassle...soooo sorry!!

  7. I don't know anything about taking pictures that would be of any help. There is one blog where the writer has camera tips.
    I hope that helps.

  8. First off, I think your card is really, really fabulous! I love everything about it. I agree with the others about the camera ~ try using natural light. I sometimes put my card right under my OTT light and that works well, too. I think the bottom picture looks better, as the top one looks a bit washed out. And what is this about a sewing machine? Did you get one for Christmas that you didn't tell me about? Why are you giving up on it?

  9. I think the first one is closer. The second one just looks so wrong. sorry ;). I have this same problem. Too much light or not enough. I started taking my picures in the kitchen where there is a flourescent light, with no flash. It's almost enough light. My camera is pretty new and sometimes I think I'll never figure it out.

  10. go to JoAnn's or some craft store.
    buy a little OTT LITE. i just got a small desk one that flips open.
    this made all the difference in my project photos. it creates natural looking light. even at midnight on a wednesday! i use no flash and the macro setting. the colors on the page/card turn out fabulous. i hardly have to edit my pics anymore. good luck! cute card!

  11. I'm not sure what kind of camera you have, but if you have a point and shoot, check the menu for a white balance option. Click on it and see if it gives you choices like incandesent, flourescent, daylight, etc. If so, choose the proper type of light that you are shooting in. If I'm shooting in my stamp room, I have a regular light bulb, so that's incandescent. If I'm outdoors or surrounded by windows on a bright day, that's daylight. Try it!

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention that you really should avoid using a flash at all. It really alters colors and just doesn't help at all. If I'm taking a pic of a card at night, I take the lampshade off of my lamp and that brightens up the shot a lot without having to use the flash. I just turn the flash off on my camera.


Have a fabulous day!