Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fun and Birdie Update {they are so cute!}

Happy Friday everyone!!
I have LOTS to share with you today so sit back and relax!!!

Today's Friday Fun challenge, hosted by Kimme, is to use dew drops, rain dots or crystal effects on our cards in honor of "April Showers".

I have crystal effects on the present on my card but it's very hard to see, but I promise, it's there ;)
I used Birthday Chic for my card and if I do say so myself this card is rather "chic"!! I love these colors and would love to get this card on my birthday :) All other supplies are from Stampin' Up!

If you would like to play along with us the keyword is FFC29.
Check out the rest of the groups cards:

Next item of business is VSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well the Mini VSN actually!! Going on tomorrow starting at 10:00am EST til 1:00pm EST then you get a few hours for a break and we start back up at 6:00pm EST til 9:00pm EST!!

Want to know something really exciting?? Tonight at 8:00pm EST we have a special
SURPRISE challenge hosted by some SCS Celebrity Show Girls!! They come bearing gifts, too, so I would make EVERY effort I could to be there!!

Last important bit of business are the ADORABLE birds that I shared with you last week! They are getting so big big that they are barely fitting in their nest!!

This is them this morning:

And while I am taking pictures of the babies the momma is yelling at me from the branch above my head!! Actually before she flew up to her branch she was on the ground about 2 feet from me just yelling her little beack off at me, it was SO funny!! She is a tough momma!!
That's all for now! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!! It is supposed to be in the 80's this weekend and I think we are going to sneak off to the BEACH!! Last year it wasnt until May that I got to put my toes in the water but I think this weekend is a perfect opportunity, what do you think??
Talk to you tomorrow!!


  1. I love this card!!! Can't wait til VSN!!

  2. Those birdies are sooo sweet! What a good Momma to yell at you. :) Your card is super adorable!!

  3. such cute little birdies.. and I love ur card.. so gorgeous.. love the colors.. I won't be doing VSN. trvling today/tonite.. maybe the next one in may!! hugs bonnierose

  4. Love your card Jimmi.

    I am looking forward to VSN.

  5. Great card! The present stamp is just so cute!

  6. I would like to get that card on my birthday too! I love that DSP...and I have and love to use the Unity Chic birthday stamps!

    SO SO SO funny about the momma bird!

    I was running day before yesterday and this goose was squawking at me for a similar reason..and I WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE to the nest.

  7. aww! Baby birdies are so cute!!

    Love your card too!

  8. Cute card -- sure to make anyone smile.

    I love the bird photos. Mama sure is watching out for them

  9. Gorgeous card Jimmi! Love the little robins, too. We had a nest last year but only one or two of the babies survived. :o(

  10. Love the card!! Those colors and polka dots are so eyecatcing. And, you colored that image a perfect match!

    The birdies are so cute! I usually have a ton of baby sparrows and hummers in my yard. It's a noisy (but cute) nursery in the Spring! And, a ton of extra beaks to feed! ;o)
    Love those blue eggs!!! How cool that you can see them!

  11. Fabulous card...I love the colors and how you wove the ribbon through the image block!!!

  12. Your card is super adorable!!

    What a good Momma bird you have. Have fun at the beach!!

  13. BEAUTIFUL card Jimmi! I love the colors! I'm so glad I got this set on my HH order!

  14. Wow Jimmi, this card is simply awesome! You are so creative...thanks for the inspiration!

  15. ooooo! I love this card, those polka dots are darling!


Have a fabulous day!