Monday, August 17, 2009

Kids Card Monday

Today we are making cards for "kids" and I am really stretching this challenge and taking it into a whole different direction...

Rachel's friend had a baby the other day. Yes, Rachel is 17 and so is her friend but these things I made a card technically for a "kid" because at 17 you are definitely still a kid ;)

There is so much more to this story but it's too long to tell here and no one wants to hear it anyway, lol....but Rachel did tell me that her friend said she hopes I could be "ok" with everything and that I make her baby a card because she loves all the cards I have made her and wants her baby to have one, too.

So here is my baby card for a new, young mom.

I used new Basic Grey Lemonade paper and my new Unity kit Frame This Alphabet.

Check out the rest of the girls cards:

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you tomorrow for a Jacksonbelle Tuesday Challenge!!


  1. Its a beautiful card for a "kid having a kid".

    Everyone deserves to know how much they're loved and supported, even when they make mistakes. You're a GREAT mom for making Rachel's friend such a wonderful card.

  2. This card is really beautiful and I know it will be appreciated.

  3. What a beautiful card Jimmi! I have a niece who is 18 and expecting her first baby any day now. Once we got over the initial shock of her pregnancy, all we wanted to do was love and support her. It is really sweet that you are doing the same for Rachel's friend.

    I am sure your card will make her feel loved and not judged!


  4. adorable! love the colors!!


Have a fabulous day!