Sunday, September 20, 2009

There's a Reason I Don't Blog on the Weekends...

And this picture will show you why!
There is not a single place in my house to take a good picture. I may live in the house with the worst lighting in the world, lol!!

I did so much stamping this weekend though that I can't fit it all in Monday thru Friday so I needed to share at least one card today.

I tried today to get an "ok" picture of this card I made with the September Torendi Kit!
I used the Prarie Paper and Ink Friday Sketch for the layout.
I made this for Rachel since she's so crazy for Ninjas....even has her own ninja name for herself and her friends. Yeah, she's 17 but still knows how to PLAY!!
She loves the card and wants me to make cards for all her friends.
Hope my picture isn't so bad that you're sorry you visited today, haha! I'll see you tomorrow with a card taken in better lighting for the Monday Chicks challenge!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow you were really productive this weekend that you already have enough cards for your posts all week! Your lighting is fine and your card looks great! TFS!!

  2. Glad you got a lot done! I love this card - everyone should have a Ninja name! Good photo - despite what you say!

  3. Love the card- not the best photo but not too bad. Tell Rachel I need a Ninja name. :)

  4. Love the card Jimmi! Fun stuff!! :)

    So what is her ninja gang name?? ;)

  5. Oh man!!!! This is TOO cool!!!!! I have to run a feature on ya!


Have a fabulous day!