Sunday, February 7, 2010

FREE Stampin' Up! Stamps {pay shipping & Paypal fee}

You just pay the shipping & $1 for the Paypal fee if you pay that way, i'll take checks and m.o.'s, too!

Yep, that's right, they are free, just pay what it costs to ship to you and $1 (for Paypal) :D

You can figure out the shipping at, my zip code is 23434.

I can use UPS, too, but it will probably cost a little more so it you'd like me to tell you a UPS price let me know in your email.

I'd prefer to use the flat-rate envelopes, that way you have some tracking info but I'll do 1st Class or whatever you'd like.

I would also take things in trade, like adhesives, new paper, PTI products, stuff!

Here's the list:
{all stamps are in near perfect condition some are unmounted and some are partially unmounted but none are stained or marred in any way}

BOLD still available!
I'm putting the name and email time next to them because I had a lot ask for the same sets, this helps me clarify who asked 1st!

Stemming From - GONE (jessica monday 5:41pm)
Celebrate Everything - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Delight In Life
Cute and Curly - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Sweet On You - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Flower Filled - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Congrats - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Boho Backgrounds - GONE (aimee f. sunday 5:58pm)
A Little Birdie Told Me - GONE (jan w. sunday 1:13pm)
To You and Yours - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Tres Chic background - GONE (andrea m sunda 12:19pm)
God's Way - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Heartfelt Thanks - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Friendship Blooms - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Priceless - GONE (laura j. sunday 12:46pm)
All in a Row - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Mon Ami - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
So Many Scallops - GONE (jan w. sunday 1:13pm)
Flannel Plaid background - GONE (martha p. Sunday 2:09pm)
Canvas background - GONE (martha p. Sunday 2:09pm)
Print Pattern background - GONE (martha p. Sunday 2:09pm)
Small Saying - GONE (jessica monday 5:41pm)
Hugs and Wishes - GONE (joan a. monday 3:18pm)
Lots of Thoughts - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Just So Sayings - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Cardinal Christmas - GONE (laura j. sunday 12:46pm)
Full of Life - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Many Merry Messages - GONE (laura j. sunday 12:46am)
Absolutely Fabulous - GONE (andrea m. sunday 12:19pm)
Holidays and Wishes - GONE (cathy d. monday 2:57am)
Floral background - GONE (martha p. Sunday 2:09pm)
Word by Word background - GONE (martha p. Sunday 2:09pm)
Gently Falling (2 of them) 1 - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)
Sassy Sayings, II - GONE (tracy s. monday 8:12am)
Stars and Swirls
Quick Thinking
Perennial Favorites
Send a Celebration - GONE (joan a. monday 3:18pm)
Too Terrific Tags - GONE (cathy d. monday 2:57am)
Noteworthy - GONE (jenn monday 1:06am)



  1. wow, Jimmi--this is great! I just have a silly question:: I went to the Stampin' Up site to see what these stamps look like...but nothing comes up when I type these names in. I tried four of them (randomly in the list). Do you know if there is a different way to find out what they look like?

    Thanks;) Have a great Sunday:)

    sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  2. I would love Cardinal Christmas, canvas background, also full of life and To you and yours!

    Thanks so much and I'll send you some goodies too!


  3. Savannah you can see all the SU stamps at Split Coast Stampers under the Stampin up gallery!

  4. Could I get Many Merry Messages also?

    Thanks, Anne

  5. I would like Hugs and Wishes. I would like to pay with paypal.


Have a fabulous day!