Sunday, July 11, 2010

Payin' It Forward

I have a lot of stamping supplies...surprise, right?
Probably more than I can use in 10 lifetimes....sad!

So, I was thinking if I could find someone that NEEDS them I would love to give them to them.

Do you know someone that needs supplies? Maybe they can't really afford anything right now besides the necessities...times are tough, maybe they had a fire or could be anything. Maybe it's you? A friend?

Send me an email and let me know who you think needs some supplies or if you need them and I'll pick someone to send this box to from all the stories you send me :)
(Please only someone in the US, I have to pay to send it and Canada, Europe, Asia, etc. are kind of expensive for me)

What's in the box?
oh at least a hundred pieces of patterned paper (probably way more but I didn't count)...lots of SU! paper, I don't know if it's current or not but it's pretty :).
Some stamp sets (Unity (brand new): Gratitude=Joy and Little Buggers and a few non-Unity sets)....
at least 100 yards of ribbon (almost all of the SU! 1/4" grosgrain colors, some of them brand new and a bunch of other brands/styles)
a bunch of lace...
some embellishments,
some stuff to alter...
a Scor-Pal (the older version with fewer grid marks)
2 tote bags for stamping stuff
and a lot more.
Just added some Grunge Board that I found :)

Email me:

Maybe I will split it up between a few people...
I'll wait until next Sunday to decide :)




  1. What a great thing to do Jimmi!! :-)

  2. What a BIG BIG heart you have! You are the BEST!

  3. YOU are an AMAZING person, do you know that?!?! LOVE this idea!

  4. you are soooo sweet to do this! i will think about it & see if anyone comes to mind.

  5. This is such an awesome thing to do Jimmi! So sweet and generous!

  6. this is wonderful Jimmi.. I wish I knew someone in the states.. but I have an idea to share anyways.. maybe a old age home, or a hospital that has sick kids or adults.. or any home/shelter for the battered.Even the schools and highschools. It is such a great hobbie I am sure it will go to a wonderful home. you are so sweet!!

  7. I would love to have something and donate it to the girls scouts. My daughter is a leader and has been for 10 years. I know all the things the leaders do for the girls scout clubs. My granddaughters have been in girls scout for several years now. You would not believe all the things they do and how they have to earn all their patches. I have donated all kinds of scrapbooking items and also helped my daughter in 8 scrapbooking events for her troop. That is so kind of you to think of doing such a nice thing. You are to kind. Thank You

  8. I don't need anything, and don't know of anyone who does. I just wanted to tell you it's a great thing you're doing. Have a great week!

  9. so thoughtful, Jimmi! I need to do this.

  10. i don't know anyone, but wanted to say thank you for such a kind act:)

    the girl scout idea is a great one! i would have loved that when i was a scout---about 100 years ago:)

  11. Hi Jimmi, I think this is very thoughtful of you. Would you consider sending this to someone in India if I paid you the postage costs? If it fits into a medium flat rate priority box, it costs around 40 dollars and I can pay the shipping - I mean send that money to you via paypal. Please let me know- my email id is

  12. Jimmi~ I wrote you an email and you are sending a package to my friend. What an awesome thing to do. It really renews ones faith in others. Thank you so much!

  13. What a cool thing to do! My son's friend, a 13 year old girl, just told me she wanted to get some stamping stuff. She wants to make cards for her friends and grandparents, make cards with and for the kids she babysits, and make cards with the children her family fosters. I've invited her over to play with my things, but I know she would be over the moon to have her own. She's a sweetheart who would use this gift to bless others.

  14. Jimmi,
    You made my day, my week, my year. You're amazing kindness just makes me smile and smile. Thank you so very much. You are a real life angel. Thank you.

  15. You really are fabulous, Jimmi! What a fantastic thing to do for someone. Obviously I don't need anything (I could almost open a Unity shop in my house) - but I just saw this from today's post and wanted to give you extra props just for being awesome.


Have a fabulous day!