Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Little of This & That!

Happy Tuesday!

Just popping into the old bloggaroo to tell you a few FUN things, to chat, you know, just be me!

We are getting a new TV...soon and wonder where to put it???

Should we put it on one of those TV Tables?  Maybe?  Or should we put it on the wall?  What do you think?
I know I could use a new TV table/stand...the one we have is an old, antique table, but the cat, when she was a kitten got to it and chewed the corner a little...I have that part in the BACK but still I'd love to have one like this or this...maybe Santa is listening?!
I was looking on CSN Stores and they have TONS, almost too many to choose from but my co-worker and I have had fun looking at them, lol...she's a CSN store junkie ;) so anytime I want her to help me decide on something like that she is always happy to help!

Have you see the Unity Blog today?
Well, I hope you'll check it out because I have some cards over there and my Sunday Favorites...2 days late :)

and thanks for listening!


  1. Rachel sounds like she is going to have a FABULOUS Christmas. I would do a gift card and let her pick out a stand or maybe some DVD! My kids love money. So now we do a gift and money. I love when they get older...it's so much easier.

  2. Jimmi, I am sure Rachel will love a Blue Ray player. Yes they do play DVD's. I just picked one up that had been on sale for black Friday at Walmart and had not sold out so they were still up for grabs for $64 and is an LG. It works very nicely and they had one for $90 something that is also wi-fi capable and you could hook up to your home wireless internet and do youtube videos and the like on it! Really fun. And a flat screen on the wall is great, but you should consider if Rachel is a girl that likes to mive her room around a lot? It is hard to move around the TV if it is mounted... Hope I helped a little!

  3. Amazon is a great resource for product feedback....wether you purchase through them or somewhere else it is a great education to read feedback.

  4. lucky girl- would love a new tv. old one works fine still... ;)

  5. Ah you know she will love what ever you get her, but a blue ray sounds like a good accessory.

  6. I know exactly how you feel. I have a 17 and 16 yr old that are very difficult to buy for.


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