Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Still Hip Hop

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Hello my lovely friends!
How happy are you that it's Thursday???
One, because tomorrow is Friday and then it's Saturday, woot, woot!
and Two because it's Hip Hop!
and Three because I have a new home, what do ya think???
I hope you like it :)

I made 2 super simple cards for you today.
They both use my favorite technique, paper piecing.
I tried to color them...oh my...what a disaster, LOL!

Maybe I should show you....

Yeah, that's for real, HA!
I tried with colored pencils (I didn't even know I had!)
Copics, SU! inks and my blender pen
SU! ink and an aquapainter...
I used a paintbrush...
and went straight back to PAPER PIECING!
Nope, coloring is so not me!
still love me?

I did make 2 cards using my simple technique,

both of them using BE STILL

The paper I used is:
My Minds Eye - Hattie

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  1. Adorable Jimmi! Love this set and your creative touch using it. Congrats on your new home. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Super fabulous paper piecing! Coloring is definitely a tough skill to master. I keep practicing and practicing...

  3. I love the new look! So very you (or should I say what I imagine you to be, lol) I can so relate to the coloring issues but in the end your cards are just fab!!!

  4. Love your new blog(s) Jimmi! and so what if ya can't color~everything else you do is AWESOME! so forget the coloring and keep on keepin' on with what you do best ;)
    I love that you showed your attempts to color, makes me feel better cause my attempts look a bit like that too!

  5. This card is terrific. Just love the simplicity but that is what makes the card so attractive! Great job Jimmi. Hugs.

  6. Wow beautiful cards!! these are fantastic!

  7. You are a master paper-piecer EMBRACE your talent!! and I am not kidding - you have a great knack for knowing which papers to use with each image. Gorgeous work as always!!

  8. they are all wonderful. I even like the coloured ones Jimmi. It does take practice.. I haven't coloured in such a long time but if I do I like my prismcolours and gamasol. your paperpiecing is lovely!

  9. It's almost as though those flowers are actually moving! LOVE IT~

  10. Cute stuff, Jimmi! :) Love them both.

  11. The best thing about cardmaking is that you get to do what your good at and it has to be FUN!! Love your paper-piecing! **And let me know if you want to sell any Copics! :)**

  12. I don't color, I still like you! Gorgeous cards~I like it better with the paper piecing!

  13. Ooh! These look amazing paper pieced! :) Love it!

  14. Your so good at paper piecing!

  15. Love your new blog! Remember - we are all gifted in our own way- and it takes everyone to make the world go round. You are so very creative and i love your paper piecing! Not everyone can do that!!!

  16. I understand the coloring dilemma...

  17. Just love the paper piecing, but more than that... love that I'm not the only paper crafter that has issues with coloring... hehe! Thanks for sharing Jimmi!

  18. super sweet, simple and fabulous!

  19. Love your cards and your new place!

  20. wow! I don't care how you do up these flowers....they are gorgeous, Jimmi!


Have a fabulous day!