Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm SO Excited!

and I just can't hide it!

A wonderful friend told me over a month ago that the fabulous sticky peeps at Helmar
were looking for a few good women (and men) to join their team.
So very reluctantly, because they are like ARTISTS at that company, so very reluctantly
I sent in my email with all they were asking for, along with my Helmar pants story
where I was late for work and my hem fell out of my favorite black pants
so I grabbed the 1st thing I saw which happened to be my handy-dandy 450 Glue
and hemmed my pants right up!
and that was a few months ago and they are STILL holding strong!
That's some awesome stuff!

So, anyway, I got a call from Tracy, the boss lady!
She left a voicemail for me and I could have sworn it said
"hi Jimmi, this is Tracy from HELLO USA..."
I was SO curious I called to see what "HELLO USA" was, LOL!
and then I fainted!
no really!

Yes I am on the Helmar DT and I am shocked, floored, flabbergasted and feeling BLESSED!

and my sweet Jessica is on the team, too, so we are BACK together, LOL!

Along with ALL of these fabulous chicks!
  • Tracy Weinzapfel (DesignTeam Coordinator)
  • Erika Taylor
  • Leanne Garner
  • Jen Erickson
  • Carisa Zglobick
  • Sarah Mullanix
  • Julie Walton
  • Carrie Ferrier
  • Carole Stirrat
  • Jessica Morales
  • Letitia Grace Lauer
  • Cherry Nelson
  • Connie Mercer
  • Jessica Diedrich
  • Jimmi Mayo
  • Lydell Quinn
  • Alicia Barry
  • Michelle Wallace
  • Beck Beattie
  • Julianna-Jelumen
  • Jenny Burns
  • Mandy Collins
Thanks for sharing my great news with me!
Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow for Hip Hop Thursday!


  1. yeah Big congrats to you and I love your glue story!!!!

  2. Congratulations Jimmi. I've wanted to work with you for so long and now I get to WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

    Can't wait to see what beautiful creations you come up with.


  3. LOL, I love your pants & hello stories!!! I can't begin to tell you how over the moon excited I am to be on a team with YOU! Seriously, I feel like a stalker b/c I'm just in awe of everything you make and to think I'm going to be designing along side you just makes me giddy! You, my dear, are a rock star. Let's get this party started! :D

  4. You are hysterical! I LOVE this post-that friend must have JUST KNOWN that you were talented and would totally grace this team ;) ;) ;) smart girl she is-heehee! And 450 to hem your pants-that is GENIUS! HOORAY!!!! SOOOOO excited Jimmi Jam! Congrats!!!

  5. Yay Jimmi...congrats to you! So well deserved!

  6. congratulations!!! I haven't been able to find this product here in Canada but I am itching to try it after seeing it on blogs all this time. Now you are one more person to torture me hee hee! kidding of course- can't wait to see what you make- besides hems of course lol

  7. that is awesome!! Congrats you are a rock star!


Have a fabulous day!